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Group Dog Training Classes or Private Lessons: 5 Questions to Help Choose Which One's Right for You

Wondering which type of dog training service to book? You’re not alone! Asking yourself these quick questions should help you decide.

1. What’s your schedule?

Group dog training classes are on more of a set schedule – meaning, they happen on a certain night, at a certain time, every week. Our classes are open enrollment, so you can start on whatever week works for you. But if you need a little more flexibility on the time due to work schedules, kids’ activities, etc., you may want to check into our private training. With private training, you can view the available slots in our calendar and pick what time works for YOU. So let’s say you booked a package that includes 6 weekly in-person dog training lessons. If Tuesday at 5:30 works for you one week, but you need to do Wednesday at 6:00 the next week, you can totally factor that in when you schedule your lessons.

2. What’s your budget?

Group classes are our most budget-friendly option. You’ll be sharing a class with several other students and their dogs, as we coach everyone to teach their dogs basic skills to use in real-world scenarios. Group classes are super fun and cost-effective, but if you need our undivided attention and specialized training in your home, you’ll want to go with private training.

3. Is your dog comfortable in a group?

If your dog is shy or wary of new dogs, people, or situations, or barks a lot, she may be better suited to private training. There is a LOT going on a group class with people and dogs moving around, new sounds, weird smells (to your dog!), and more. We can give your dog extra space to help her adjust to the new environment, but some dogs may be too stressed and uncomfortable to be in a group setting at first.

4. How old is your dog?

If you have a new puppy, we highly recommend group classes. Puppies under 14 weeks of age are in their critical period where it’s SO important to get them exposed to new people, dogs, sights, sounds smells, all the things. Getting them started off on the right foot will help them grow into the happy, well-mannered family companion you look forward to.

5. Do you need specialized training for your kids?

If you’re struggling with kid-dog chaos, then private family dog training is the ticket for you! You’ll get 6 weeks of in-person sessions where we work one-to-one with adults, kids, and dogs to restore peace and harmony to your home. Plus, you get access to the online program for a whole year. Your kids get their own Special Agent online training center where they learn how to safely interact with dogs, and actually help you out! Once you’ve got the kid-dog thing down like a pro, you can always jump into one of our group classes for some advanced training or socialization.

Choosing between dog training services can definitely be confusing. We hope this made it easy for you ;)

Get more info about our real-world dog training plans on our services page here.


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