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7 Cool Ways Kids Can Help Homeless Animals in Cabot Arkansas

Do you have one of those kids who would LOVE to take home every stray puppy? Channel that desire into helping animals in the Cabot animal shelter. These activities are much-needed projects for the animal shelter, and they’re fun to boot!

1. Go on a scavenger hunt

Cabot Animal Support Services (CASS) has a handy wish list of items they need around the shelter. Chances are, you have a lot of these things hanging around your house! Here’s what the shelter website has to say, “Many items on our wish list can also be found in your cabinets and closets at home. We accept gently worn towels and blankets, unopened pet food, and unopened jars of creamy peanut butter and canned pumpkin.” So pull up the wish list, get your crew together, and go on a scavenger hunt. Set a timer for 15 minutes and see who can bring back the most items. Perfect rainy-day activity!

2. No-sew fleece blankets

Shelters are always in need of cozy bedding to keep the pups comfy. You just need fleece, scissors, and some kids to help knot the edges!

3. Throw and tug toys

Use old t-shirts and tennis balls to make toys that shelter dogs will love! Kids can help braid and tie the knots.

4. Paracord leashes

This project is perfect for kids who are a little older. The knotting is a little more complex, but the finished product is beautiful!

5. Snuffle mats

I am such a huge fan of snuffle mats. They satisfy a dog’s natural instinct to hunt for their food. And every opportunity to do natural doggy activities is sooo valuable for shelter dogs especially. This reduces stress, exercises the brain, and helps prevent boredom (and the behavior issues that come with it). Learn how to make them here.

6. Kong stuffing

This project is done by volunteers at the shelter. Volunteers stuff rubber Kong toys with food to make a tasty chew for the dogs. Like snuffle mats, Kongs satisfy a dog’s natural urges, reduce stress, prevent boredom, and more. To get yourself and your kids involved, sign up as volunteers here. Children from 6-15 years can volunteer as long as they are accompanied by an adult volunteer.

7. Other volunteer opportunities

Cabot Animal Support Services has many, many projects and events going on that you and your kids can get involved in. Whether it’s helping manage a booth at the Farmer’s Market, assisting with Food Bagging Frenzy, or just washing dog dishes (which is surprisingly fun with the commercial dishwasher J) you can make a difference in the lives of homeless pets in your community – and have a ball doing it!

Have questions? Visit the Cabot Animal Support Services website here or drop them an email at


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