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About CoPaws

Supporting parents of kids and dogs is our passion

At CoPaws, we get that parenting is challenging enough by itself. Adding a dog to the mix can feel totally overwhelming. CoPaws was founded because we believe no parent should have to struggle to raise kids and dogs together. We provide the support you need to confidently tackle this super challenging phase.

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Hey, I'm Grace, the founder of CoPaws Dog Training. 

Growing up in a great big dog-immersed family, I've seen over and over how hard life with both kids and dogs can be. As a kid, there was nothing to tell me how to handle a dog safely and effectively. I was so obsessed with dogs that I discovered a lot by trial and error and trained my first dog Skye at age 11. But I've wished so often that there had been solid resources for families with dogs when I was a kid. It would have made things a lot easier for both kids and parents. When I became a professional dog trainer, bringing real world answers to families with dogs was a huge passion for me. Now, after working with both kids and dogs in various capacities for over 9 years, I'm thrilled to offer training programs that cover everything families need to help their kids and dogs live in harmony. I can't wait to have you join us!

Catch Certified Dog Trainer
Certified Professional Dog Trainer
Family Paws Parent Educator
Certified Family Dog Mediator
Business Insurers of the Carolinas

What Clients Say

"Grace is professional and, just as important, compassionate. We are blessed to have found them."
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~ Lacey with Casper
Over-the-Top Service

We provide the support, training, and skills you need so that your kids and your dog can live in harmony – and you can relax. 

Positive Training

Our gentle, force-free methods promote lasting results and make training a well-mannered dog easy for the whole family. 

Professional Growth

We are relentless (like a dog chasing a tennis ball!) in our pursuit of continuing education and top industry certifications. Because you deserve cutting-edge solutions to your dog training problems. 

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Stop spreading yourself too thin. Get the support you need.


No pressure or obligation. :)

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