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Training, posters, videos and more - 100% Free!


Family Dog Makeover

This free 5-day mini course offers solutions for everyday problems families struggle with like jumping, stealing, destructive behavior, and more.



Respect Poster

Help kids understand the things that they can do to create THE BEST relationship with their dog (and all dogs, actually!)


Pat Pet Pause Poster

Dogs would love us all to ASK before we rush in to pet them. Here's how kids can get it right with the dogs they know and love.

Park safety poster.jpeg

Park Safety Poster

Learn how to keep you, your kids, and the dog safe at the park - this even covers what to do if a dog fight breaks out!

Kids walking dogs poster.png

Kids Walking Dogs Poster

When families struggle to know when to let their kid walk their dog, this flowchart is the perfect way to help them decide!


I Speak Doggie

Dog Body Language

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