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5 Seriously Fun Games for Kids & Dogs

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Kids and dog getting into everything? Give them something to do! I can’t wait to share these family dog training games with you, straight from Justine Schuurman, founder of The Family Dog. You’re gonna love these!

1. Which hand?

To play this game, all you have to do is put a treat in one hand, close both hands into fists, and put them behind your back. Bring both hands out and show them to your dog. See if she touches your treat hand with her nose. If she does, yay, open the hand and give her the treat! If she touches the other hand, put your hands behind your back, then bring them out and let her try again. Repeat! Switch up which hand you have the treat in to keep her guessing.

2. Hide and seek

Once your dog learns this game, it’s sooo incredibly FUN! Your kids get to take turns hiding and the dog gets to use his nose to find them!

3. Egg Hunt

your dog’s out of the room, get some plastic Easter eggs (or some other tiny container if you don’t have eggs handy) with treats and hide them around the room. Bring your dog back in, and the hunt is on!

4. Touch n’ Go

For this one your dog will need to know how to touch your hand with his nose. All you have to do is hold your hand a couple inches from your dog’s nose, click (or say yes!) when he touches your hand, and give him a treat from your other hand. This is super easy to teach because dogs naturally sniff stuff. When your dog is quickly touching your hand when you hold it out, add a verbal cue by saying “touch” just before holding out your hand. Now you’re ready to play Touch n’ Go! Watch the video here to learn how.

5. Water bottle b’fast

All you need is an empty water bottle or gallon jug (depending on the size of your dog) and some kibble or treats. Kids can help dump the food into the bottle, then give it to the dog (with the cap off) and laugh at his crazy antics to get the food out. It’s a blast!

I’m SO excited for you to get your kids playing these games with your dog, because they produce happy-tired dogs and kids. And that makes Mom’s life a whole lot easier!

There are even more fantastic games in our virtual and in-person training programs from The Family Dog. Check it out here.


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