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New Dog Shopping List from CoPaws Dog Training: Save Time & Money

Have you spent hours in the pet store and online shopping for a new dog? It’s almost as bad as shopping for a new baby, except you don’t get a baby shower. (Now there’s an idea!) We’ve done the shopping for you! No more head spinning from the bazillion different options, and no more spending money on stuff you don’t really need.


Crate with divider

Crate pad

Baby gate or X-pen

Plush bed

Food & water bowls

Quality food

ID tag


Food puzzles

2 Kongs

Bully sticks

Yak chews

Flirt pole

Long tug toy

Squeaky tennis balls


Treat pouch

Front-clip harness and collar

Training treats

Leashes 6 ft and 30 ft


Nail clippers

Slicker brush


Pooper scooper


Poop bags

Enzymatic cleaner for accidents

Congratulations from CoPaws on your new dog! We hope this list has made the prep work easier.

If you’re overwhelmed with the whole training part, help is here. Book a Discovery Call with our trainer here.

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