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Pet-friendly Businesses in Cabot Arkansas | Your Guide from CoPaws Dog Training

Ready to get out on the town with your dog? These are some of my favorite dog-friendly spots in Cabot, AR. They're awesome locations for both dog training practice and socialization.

1. Home Depot

This is one of my absolute favorite training grounds, because it’s a large store with a variety of people for your dog to see.

2. Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply has something Home Depot doesn’t have – a dog food aisle! The dog food aisle is one of the hardest places for a dog to focus on their handler, so we use that aisle for advanced distraction training.

3. Ace Hardware

This is one of Cabot’s newest dog-friendly businesses. We’re so thrilled that they allow pets.

4. Safari Pets

Safari Pets is hands-down my favorite pet store for socializing puppies. It’s a quiet, relaxed environment with a ton of different sights and sounds for puppies to take in. They even have a tortoise who hangs out on the floor and cage-free parrots. You never know what fun you’re going to have when you head into Safari Pets.

5. Pet Supplies Plus

The newest pet store to open in Cabot, Pet Supplies Plus is probably the highest distraction level on this list. Meaning, it will be harder for your dog to focus and behave because it’s a more busy, noisy store. It’s a great location to hit after your dog is behaving well in some of the quieter stores.

6. Whit Davis Lumber

This is another pet-friendly hardware store for you to visit with your dog.

7. Sonic patio

Dogs are allowed in the new patio area at Sonic! Hang out with your dog while the kids play on the playground.

8. Dairy Queen patio

Another great restaurant with a dog-friendly patio. The drive-thru makes it easy to get your food before heading to the patio with your dog. An awesome training and socialization opportunity.

9. Cabot Dog Park

While I caution against letting your dog run in a large dog park where you don’t know if all the dogs are friendly, I love small community dog parks where you can closely monitor all activity and keep everyone safe. The dog park at Cabot is one of my favorites. There are usually just a few dogs there, and there’s plenty of fun obstacles for your dog to try.

Many of these businesses are on the destinations list for our Puppy Passport socialization program in our puppy classes. Check out our classes here.

Cabot is a great, small town community with a strong pet culture. That’s what makes it such an awesome place to socialize and train your dog in public. Have fun!


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