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Pet-Friendly Businesses in Searcy, Arkansas | Your Guide from CoPaws Dog Training

Searcy is yet another of my favorite places to take my dogs. It offers a wide variety of pet-friendly businesses but retains that small-town feel.

1. Lowe’s

This large home-improvement store is a great socialization and training ground for your dog. So much going on!

2. Petsense

I love going in this quiet, laid-back pet store with my dogs. They also have a variety of pet supplies to check out while you’re there.

3. Tractor Supply

This is another large, pet-friendly store to hit with your dog.

4. Hobby Lobby

The relaxing music Hobby Lobby plays helps my dogs calm down and enjoy their outing. Just stay clear of the glass shelves! J

5. TJ Maxx

Not every TJ Maxx is pet friendly, but the Searcy location is part of a whole shopping center that is pet friendly.

6. Ulta Beauty

Where else can you find a pet-friendly beauty supply shop? This is also part of the pet-friendly shopping center.

7. Five Below

The distraction level is higher in this store, so you’ll want to save it for later on in your training and socialization program.

8. The Fish Bowl

Don’t forget to visit Searcy’s locally-owned pet store, The Fish Bowl!

9. Sonic

Bring your pup to the dog-friendly patio at Sonic. With all the carhops going by, it’s a great socialization and training opportunity.

10. Dairy Queen

Dogs are also allowed in the patio area at Dairy Queen. The drive-thru makes it easy to get your order before heading to the patio to eat with your dog.

11. Searcy Dog Park

The dog park at Searcy is a great place for your dog to stretch his legs, burn some energy, and make new friends!

I’m SO excited for you to get out and explore these sweet spots with your pup! We might even see you there!

Many of these businesses are on the destination list of our Puppy Passport socialization program in our puppy classes. Check out our classes here.


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